Our Story

A Little About Us
Creekside® Pre-portioned Salted Butter, Creekside® Artisan Butter Dollops and Creekside® EZ-SERVE® Clarified Butter/Ghee Original are made in Grand Rapids, MI by Butterball® Farms, Inc. Butterball® Farms has served the restaurant industry across the United States for over 60 years, providing premium, high-quality butter to brands that know the little things matter. Now, we are excited to bring our gourmet butter products into your home, helping to make food extra delicious for you, your family and friends!

The Artisan Butter Difference
Creekside® Pre-portioned Salted Butter starts with pure, and sweet creamery farm-fresh butter. The butter fat content is higher than most American butters and is more typical of a European-style. Our Artisan Butter Dollops are made from fresh, high-quality sweet cream, featuring a smooth, creamy texture and a delicate, pleasing, buttery taste. Our EZ-Serve® Clarfiied Butter/Ghee is a keto-friendly and lactose-free superfood alternative to everyday butter, butter alternatives, and cooking oil. In all our products each ingredient is carefully curated for its quality and taste to add the best, richest flavor to enhance your dining experience. Our attention to detail makes all of the difference.

Farm Fresh, Family Owned, Made In Michigan 

The inspiration for the name Creekside® comes from the historic town of Covington, Ohio where the Stillwater River flows past historic mills. Creekside® Butter products are made starting with fresh, pure, and sweet creamery butter. The result is food that has a rich flavor and a luxurious mouth feel. Our customers see the value in high quality butter and pre-portioned convenience. It’s a difference that’s noticed and appreciated by today’s food-involved consumers!

In Support of Our Community
We believe strongly that those that support our passion for producing our butters are the key to our success. At Creekside®, we know we couldn’t do what we do without our employees, neighbors, and community partnerships. We follow these guiding principles:

Have integrity in all interactions.

Anticipate and address customer needs.

Diligently pursue excellence.

Promote continuous learning and innovation.

Make the workplace an enjoyable and integrated part of life.

Communicate openly and honestly to promote effective teamwork.