About Creekside

Creekside® Butter Premium Balls® and Artisan Butter Dollops are made in Grand Rapids, MI by Butterball® Farms, Inc.  Butterball® Farms has served the restaurant industry across the United States for over 60 years, providing premium, high-quality butter to brands that know the little things matter.  Now, we are excited to bring our gourmet butter products into your home, helping to make food extra delicious for you, your family and friends!

The inspiration for the name Creekside® comes from the historic town of Covington, Ohio where the Stillwater River flows past historic mills. Creekside® Butter Premium Balls® start with fresh, pure, and sweet creamery butter.  The butter fat content is higher than most American butters and is more typical of European style butter.  The result is food that has a rich flavor and a luxurious mouth feel.  Our customers see the value in high quality butter and pre-portioned convenience.  It’s a difference that’s noticed and appreciated by today’s food-involved consumers!